Fitness and Training just got personal at

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Whatever your goals, Flex & Burn will create the right program to help you reach them. Even if you’d rather jump off a building than run on a treadmill or do a squat – Flex & Burn can tailor a training program that fits your style. We want to know what motivates you, what your goals are; and help you meet them……...

Fitness and Training just got personal at Flex & Burn..


· Personal Training

· Group Training

· Cardio/Resistance/Circuit Programs

· Flex & Burn 30 / Drop & Do 10 Class

· Flex & Burn Fresh Start Weight Loss Program

· 6 & 12 Week Make Over Program…..

                            And this is only the beginning…..

So, just what’s in it for you? Well, when you start working with Flex & Burn you’ll get a complete personalized physical assessment, a comprehensive body composition analysis, personal training, group classes and workout programs that are as engaging as they are effective.

Fitness and Training just got personal at Flex & Burn….

Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle mass, improve your endurance or your just looking to better your health. Flex & Burn will custom tailor a forever evolving fitness program that will surely get the results you are looking to achieve. To learn more on how Flex & Burn can help you achieve your fitness goals. Call now….


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At Flex & Burn it’s 100% all about you. We want to know what motivates you – what makes you hot and what turns you off. Do you want to be the strongest person in the Universe? Or are you just sick of yawning through your workout routine?   Whether you’re training for a Triathlon or you have a 10-year reunion on the horizon, Flex & Burn will design the perfect program to help you reach your goals.

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